J Krogh Colwell-Artworks
Semi abstract paintings in fluid, flowing acrylic colors from the Pacific Northwest, Washington, USA

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I acquired a serene watercolor of yours in the early nineties in Tacoma that I continue to enjoy. It is a seascape, the gently dunes in the palest of colors. Very much enjoyed all of these years. Thank you.
Christine Stuart - 15 Apr 2023
Are you out of Olympia? I sent another message with a question. Looking forward to your response.Your work is beautiful and unique, by the way. Nancy Roland
nancy roland - 5 Sep 2022
Hi Judi, I purchased two of your beautiful art work today.I met you at the Olympia market and fell in love with your mountain scene and spider web. I shared some of my art work with you and enjoyed conversing with you. You are a very sweet and talented lady. I hope our paths can cross in the future.
Valerie whitmore - 28 Aug 2022
Hull-0 Judi...It's been a while cents we met back in 1987 at the arts and vineyard in eugene...Dianne found your web site and here eyes is...we treasure your water colors and we're so excited seening your latest master peaces....hope your swell...bill
William Dunham - 3 May 2021
Hello Judi, We met at the Olympia Farmer's Market, on Memorial Day weekend, 2018. I bought three prints from you ("Forest Magic"(B/W), An 'Alcohol' print, and "Thinking..."). Your work is very unique and the colors you're using seem to 'Pop' to the person viewing it. After you've introducing your colors, the only thing left is your imagination of what to add (faces, scenery, objects, animals, etc.). Well done, and nicely displayed. You also gave me some advice towards your work and suggested that I enter my work for 'Market Display', which I very much appreciate. You've inspired my thought process, once again. I want to "Thank you so very much", for our conversation and advice. It was well worth the time. Thank you, j r young
j r young - 26 May 2018
I feel honored to have come across your booth at the Olympia Farmers Market today. I will enjoy my 3 new cards as prints as they add to my inspiration for creating for the Bremerton Farmers Market and more. Peace, Elise
Elise Watness - 31 Mar 2018
Hi, glad to see you are still painting. I bought an original while visiting Seattle sometime in the late 80's. Its a signed piece titled "Luminous Mountains" I still love the piece as I have it prominently displayed in the living room. It was signed and dated 86. I was just curious and plugged your name in the internet and low and behold your site came up. I hope today catches you in good health and spirit.
Rudy Guadiana - 11 Sep 2017
Recently bought your work at a second-hand store. Painted in 1986, the year I was born. I now have two of those works hanging in my home. They are delightful.
Jeanne M - 3 May 2016
Beautiful and mesmerizing. Thank you for letting me know about the Art Trail you will be in. ~Shelley
Shelley Doran - 25 May 2014
Found your site through ARTrails of Southwest Washington. What beautiful artwork! I love the concept of semi-abstract paintings.
Wayne at Galleries HQ - 30 Dec 2012
Was at your booth this afternoon, in Olympia. Love, love, love your work, must have one for myself, the one I bought was for the new Grandybaby. Will definitely be out to see you at the caboose in September!!
Kathy Marshall - 8 Jun 2012
Aunt Judi - your paintings are breathtaking. I still have the artwork you did for me when I was a child. Give my love to Uncle Gary and the girls. *hugs*
Mandy Martin - 15 Dec 2011
I found you, Judi and your watercolors are fabulous! I am going to try to visit the Farmers Market before Christmas and come by to say "hi". It was good to meet you at the Women's Christmas Luncheon, EBF. (:
Joan Wilson - 11 Dec 2011
Just saw you're work today and was in aw. Your choice of colors along with your style is just lovely. It touches my soul. Trace :)
Tracey Smith - 20 Mar 2011
It was my delight to meet you and your best friend Joanne Osband,at the farmers market in Olympia. I believe it was last week....hmmm? Your card has been looking at me from my desk ever since. Those 2 cards remind me of how two beautiful ladies spoke beauty into my life that day.I see smiles blended into words and your works of inspiration. Thank you. As for your gallery I am viewing tonight...wonderful! I feel honored to have met you both. May your work bless the lives of people who are parched for even the dew drop that awakens in our souls each morning! Should I see you again,it would be a pleasure. If not, I am encouraged to go forward into an expression that has been whispering my name for decades. May God bless you and smile upon you. Becky Hamack
Becky Hamack - 28 Aug 2010
Still loving your work Judi - website is a nice way to see new pieces.
Sheri - 14 Aug 2010
What unusual and beautiful work, there is such a sense of movement I feel like I am looking at music. My son and I are looking forward to seeing more of your work at the Olympia Farmer's Market.
Karrin Kassell - 13 Apr 2010
Nice Website Judi. Looking good. Will you be at the board meeting Sat.
Juanita - 13 Apr 2010
Sylvia - 13 Apr 2010
verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry nice! they are very helpul when you have questions too!
Nine Lives Studio aka Ellen Miffitt - 12 Apr 2010
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